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2nd in a 8 week series of posts

Lessons Learned

Avoid making these mistakes. Many of which I had to learn the hard way.

Keep your office infrastructure distinct from that used by other family members . Have your own space / desk that know one else in house uses. This includes your own computer or laptop. Lock it down with a password to ensure no one else has access.

Be careful of tunnel vision.  I am a very focused person when I work and have issues with tunnel vision. Spending time away from my business energizes me and helps me set more realistic expectations with my clients.

Excellent communication is vital to your success. Establish the way and how you communicate with your clients. I rarely use my phone. Using tools such as video conferencing software, calendar scheduling, chat apps etc., to work with your clients will help you stay in contact with your clients.

Make sure to schedule conference calls at appropriate times. Do not schedule calls when you know there will be distractions in the home.
ie. when the kids get home from school, when there are visitors staying in your home, during the time the gardener is working, etc. Use a calendar. Put all your family obligations in first, then schedule your business work. Finally follow your calendar diligently.

Isolation can be a negative side effect of working from home, so if you face feelings of isolation, be ready to fight back. While this has never been an issue for me, I often talk with people who feel they are isolated. However, the feeling of isolation can lead to poor business decisions and depression. Try joining a group online or offline where you have similar interested that meets regularly. This will give you the opportunity to network and a group of people to test a few ideas. Even though the isolation feeling is not an issue for me I’ve found that these activities enhance my business and increase my quality of life significantly.

Next week – Setting up

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