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Tech Tools

There are many tech tools that will greatly assist you in being more efficient and professional in your Virtual Bookkeeping Business.

IT & Hardware: Just because your Virtual Bookkeeping Business is based from home, doesn’t mean you need to be stuck at home. Using a laptop and smartphone can help you run your business from anywhere. Choosing the right equipment and service can create flexibility and accessibility while attending to the needs of your family. I can get a lot of work done while my husband and I are driving to my kids’ events.

Your Core Accounting App: You will no doubt need a core accounting app when it comes to setting up a Virtual Bookkeeping Business. There are several cloud accounting platforms that give you robust capabilities and oversight of your financials. Any size practice or business can use them, so they will scale with you.

Your Project Management App: Develop work flow then use a project management app to keep up with all the work that need to be done for your clients and yourself. Use it to set priorities and efficiently manage projects

Your Communication Apps: Communication is critical when it comes to being efficient and building trust with clients in a virtual setting. Video conferencing apps and messaging apps allow you to converse with your clients.

Your Cloud Storage Apps: Do not underestimate the value of document management and filing, especially if your goal is to be paperless. There are many cloud storage apps where you can keep an archive of files that you and your clients need to access from anywhere and update in real time.

Your Calendar Scheduling Apps: Setting up a calendar scheduling app was a game changer for my Virtual Bookkeeping Business. Before there were many emails or text messages trying coordinate meeting times. Now a link to schedule on my calendar is sent. The prospect or client can schedule at a time the works for them. My calendar is set for the times I am available to meet.

Your Timekeeping App: Using a timekeeping app diligently will help you track the time you are spending on flat rate or hourly projects. Then you can measure if you priced your projects correctly or the scope of work is increasing, and you need to raise your price.

Your Work Flow: You cannot underestimate the importance of clearly defined systems & process. There is no app or software take the place of you developing a solid workflow. From the very early stages with any new client, it should be clear that your Virtual Bookkeeping Business uses an established workflow. Your process should follow best practices, use specified apps, and include what your client can expect to happen when they work with your Virtual Bookkeeping Business.

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