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1st in a 8 week series of posts

Getting Started

Create a work environment you feel good in.  Find a space that is clear of clutter and limited distractions. My footprint in my home is no more that is 6’ x 6’ by design.

Keep your overhead to a minimum. You probably have everything you need already to get started. I started with a 3 year old laptop, an iPhone 4, WiFi, a QBOA account, an Upwork account and bookkeeping skills. It was over a year before I upgraded any of my equipment and purchased additional software.

Create a strong team. Focus your business on your areas of expertise and strength and hire experts to help you with your areas of weakness. Hire consultants to teach you the skills that our outside of your specialty. Be very diligent about who you hire and make sure they are a professional with proven success.

Work where you’re most productive, even if it’s outside of your home. Working from your home may not be the best place where you can be productive. If you are easily distracted by laundry piling up or dirty dishes then find another option. There are many low cost coworking options.

Work on your business, not in your business. It is essential to make time to work on our business. That means focusing on the finances, the marketing plans, the vision and strategy, the systems and processes that provide the infrastructure for our businesses to be not just successful, but thriving and sustainable. I treat my business as a client and schedule time just as I would with any of my clients.

Have the attitude that you work from home, not at home. Your Mindset is everything to being successful in creating your Virtual Bookkeeping Business and working from your home.

Don’t hide it, flaunt it! As you start to build your Virtual Bookkeeping Business let people know that you are a Professional that works from their home. Your confidence and professional behavior will reassure potential clients that you are the person that can get their bookkeeping done.

Don’t forget that looking professional is still important.  I cannot stress the importance of this every day. It helps your Mindset to stay in the work zone if you when you shower, dress, brush teeth. brush hair, etc. You never know when you may need to get on a video call.

Avoid starting Virtual Bookkeeping Business before you have the necessary bookkeeping skills to work with business owners. Nothing kills someone’s reputation faster than selling someone a solution then not being able to deliver. There are many ways to get the skills needed to get started. By the way just because you have an accounting or finance degree does not mean you have the bookkeeping skills that business owners need. I have all those degrees and even some of those letters. When I got serious about starting a Virtual Bookkeeping Business I went to work for a business that fit my ideal client criteria at $20 per hour. It took me18 months of working and learning ay my 8 hours a day M-F job and then another 6 hours on my business when I got home, plus 14 hours a day on the weekend until that job was holding me back from generating more revenue.

Have a plan to tackle your top priority. Establish a work schedule and make getting business your top priority each day until you have business. You do not have a business until you have clients who are paying you. Then do everything that generates revenue first every day. Remember that it only takes $274 a day, every day to generate $100,000 in a year.

Get organized. Organize your files—both in your computer and your paper files—so that everything is easy to find. If your goal is to be paperless, then start scanning all the documents. Then set solid systems & processes in place so the majority of the documents you need are coming to you in digital format. I have been paperless from day one

Know what you’re signing up for. Too many people who start a Virtual Bookkeeping Business from home and expect the clients to just flow in—so not the case, Solid skills in business development, lead generation, sales and closing are vital to ensure success.

Be honest with yourself. Not everyone is capable of working from their home. Be honest with yourself about your work habits and what makes you happy before you decide to start a Virtual Bookkeeping Business from your home. Having the support and help from your family will make all the difference. In my case my husband and kids stepped up and take care of all the family chores so I could focus on building my Virtual Bookkeeping Business to support our family.

Next Week – Lessons Learned

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