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5 Tips on How To Start a Virtual Bookkeeping Business

Are you looking forward to starting a Virtual Bookkeeping Business but have no idea how to go about it? If so, this post is for you.
Most people who have the desire to start their own Virtual Bookkeeping Businesses but don’t know where to begin. Also, they do not understand how to attract quality prospects, which has made the whole job of sustaining a Virtual Bookkeeping Business a bit trickier.
If you believe you can start and manage a successful Virtual Bookkeeping Business then these tips will help you kick-start your business.

1. Select the Virtual Bookkeeping Services To Offer Clients
Identify your clients’ needs and come up with a variety of services to offer them as solutions. Virtual Bookkeeping services include accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, payroll and financial report preparation. You can choose additional services such as accounting software training, drawing up business plans, or documenting internal control systems depending on the client needs.

2. Decide on your Virtual Bookkeeping Software
You will need to decide on which an accounting software you want to use and specialize in. You might consider training in various accounting software programs to meet client needs.

3. Set Your Rates
Decide on the prices you will charge your clients. Factors to consider while setting your rates include services offered, region, and professional experience. You can choose to set a weekly rate or a flat monthly rate depending on the client.

4. Identify Your Ideal Client and Send Introductory Letters
Small and medium enterprises are better off with a Virtual Bookkeeper as opposed to an employee. Your introductory letter should inform potential client of the benefits of hiring you as their Virtual Bookkeeper and the cost-saving facts that will come with it.

5. Polish Up On Your Certification
As a Virtual Bookkeeper ensure that you are well versed with the accounting software use. Many of the accounting software companies offer training and certification programs.

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